BaseCamp® – Term Program – Sydney

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BaseCamp® is an innovative anxiety program for children aged 7 to 12 years, developed by clinical psychologist Dr Kathryn Berry and the Quirky Kid team. Since publication, BaseCamp® has won both local and international prizes, including The London Book Fair International Excellence Award and Best Designed Educational Resource at the 66th Australian Book Design Awards.

This anxiety program provides children with a concise and engaging set of materials to help them build a repertoire of anxiety management techniques and to support the development of essential social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. Throughout the 8-week term, participants will:

  • Understand worry, anxiety, and its components to develop more realistic ways of thinking about situations that make them anxious
  • Practice cognitive restructuring and graded exposure techniques to overcome worry thoughts
  • Master relaxation techniques to reduce overall arousal levels and physiological tension typically associated with anxiety
  • Learn to build relapse-prevention strategies and apply action plans when difficulties arise


Each program is evaluated to ensure that it meets our strict learning outcomes. Current research with parents indicates that 73% of children were better able to manage their worries and anxiety (overall) after attending the BaseCamp® (n=39).

BaseCamp® program details

This comprehensive and engaging anxiety program will run weekly for 8 weeks. Please review the booking details below.

  • 8 practical, 1-hour sessions for a maximum of 6 participants.
  • 2 x 30-minute parent consultations (by phone), before and after the program
  • An exclusive, award-winning workbook featuring interactive activities, facts, fieldwork, and stories.
  • Weekly email updates with key program content and suggestions for home and school.


Group Start date Start time Places left
7 to 8 years TBC TBC TBC
9 to 12 years Wednesday 16th October 4pm to 5pm 3 places left!


Group programs are held at Quirky Kid Sydney: Level 1, Unit 2, 83-85 Queen Street, Woollahra

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Registration is $740 per child ($92.50 per session). You will be invited to select the age group during the registration process.

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BaseCamp® – School Holiday – Sydney

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BaseCamp® is a solution-focused school holiday workshop that helps anxious children and young people to manage their own symptoms of stress and worry both at home and at school. This workshop is suitable for children aged 5 to 13 years.

Participants learn to identify personal triggers for anxiety and practice coping strategies to reduce any impact on them or their families. By exploring solutions through play-based activities, participants learn to understand and appreciate anxiety in a fun, non-threatening setting. We use a variety of activities such as storytelling and role plays to help young people identify their own personal triggers for anxiety and teach them how best to manage their own behaviour.

Participants also complete CBT-based activities and learn from each other as we normalise different types of anxiety and gain insight into our reactions.

The program covers:

  • Understanding fight and flight responses
  • Techniques to express worries and fears
  • Strategies to reduce anxiety responses
  • Taking control at home and school

The workshop encourages participants to accept and redirect persistent worries or anxiety-based behaviour, express fears or phobias among same-aged peers, exchange coping strategies for home and school, practice relaxation to modify behaviour, take responsibility and change unhelpful thoughts.

Each program is evaluated to ensure that it meets our strict learning outcomes. Current research with parents indicates that 83% of children were better able to manage their worries and anxiety (overall) after attending a 4-hour workshop (n = 12).

School Holiday Registration Details

This is a 4-hour workshop (3 hours for the 5-7 age group). Participants are allocated to the most suitable group based on their age. Please review the booking details below.


Group Date Start Time Places
5 to 7 years Tuesday 1st October 2019 10am to 1pm 2 spots left! 
8 to 11 years Wednesday 2nd October 2019 10am to 2pm SOLD OUT!


Workshops are held at Quirky Kid’s Sydney clinic: Unit 2, Level 1, 83-85 Queen Street, Woollahra NSW

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The workshop registration is $270 per child. You will be invited to select the age group during the registration process. Hurry! There are limited places available for these workshops!


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