A Fun-Filled Program About Managing Anxiety

Basecamp® is an exciting new Australian program by Quirky Kid®.
Accessible, resourceful and fun for kids and facilitators.

An innovative Cognitive-Behavioural program for managing anxiety in children aged 7 to 12 years.

For Schools

Offer the Basecamp®  program in your school with free support and training from Quirky Kid. You can run it independently, or ask us to implement it for you.

For Clinics

With Basecamp®  you can expand your clinical services by delivering a high quality and effective anxiety program for children aged 7 to 121 years.  Join this adventure and become a program partner with Quirky Kid.

For Parents

Support your child and enrol them in an 8-week group program to develop skills to better manage their anxiety. Basecamp®  is available every school term, Australia-wide for children aged 7 to 12 years.

Working together is better.


We work together to deliver positive outcomes for every student. Our programs allow schools and clinics to be more engaging, effective and responsive. They help students improve their social, emotional and communication skills for better relationships and academic outcomes.

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Training & Supervision

Individual and group data-driven outcomes.

BaseCamp® utilises standardised psychometric tools to track the success of your intervention and enables you to make data-driven adjustments along the way. Find out how we use the Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale (SCAS) to support the monitoring and outcomes of each individual or group, and make use of our free clinical support.

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Never do it alone.
Count on our team!

Need answers to your questions? Contact our award-winning support team anytime, and a clinical program facilitator will provide the expert support you need.

But hey, find out more for yourself.

We hire the best to create beautiful learning materials so your students and their parents will engage more easily on every occasion.

In 2018, BaseCamp® was the winner of the prestigious London Book Fair International Publishing Award for Best Education Initiative, and it was shortlisted for Best Educational Resource.

Back home in Australia, BaseCamp® won Best Designed Educational Book (Primary/Secondary) at the 66th Australian Book Design Awards, where it was also shortlisted for the Educational Publishing Award (Primary).

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Start now and implement Basecamp® program at your school.

Easy and engaging tools for educators and students with high expectations. We produce great materials for managing anxiety, together with unparalleled support, so you can focus on your most important work – your students and clients.


    All you need, anytime and in one single place.

    Resources, Materials and Tools

    All your resources in the one place. Our beautifully designed participant workbook was developed with an Australian Adventure theme, including maps, games, activities, fact sheets, and psycho-education lessons all placed within locations in a fictitious Australian National Park.

    Supervision and Training

    Feel constantly supported whenever you need. Experience on-going free supervision with the program authors and facilitators as often as you need to get support with every group.

    Integrated with the Australian Curriculum

    Rest assured that you are providing educational content that is aligned with the Australian National Curriculum on the Personal and Social Capabilities, and Health and Physical Education curriculums strands. 

    Based on evidence and clinically tested.

    Our content has been developed from evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioural literature and compiled into an accessible program manual. All psycho-education lessons, fact sheets, activities and recommended evaluation tools have been developed and tested in a clinical setting.

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